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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby lucifuge1973 on Sun May 21, 2017 4:51 am

All the best to Ms.Grey and her upcoming court appearances. I'm all for not breaking the law and shit but the U.S. needs to fix there fn weed laws (like 20 years ago now)
Facing up to 5 yrs + 5 yrs + 5000$ fine and loss of license for a first marijuana possession charge (because it was edibles) is whack af.
10$ worth of fn weed gummy bears SHOULD NOT be a class one federal offense.
Crock of shit if you ask me. Marsha May (Bianca Byndloss) gets probation for molesting three kids 12-14, video taping it and Keisha could get worse for....WEED...ugh..
I truly hope the charges get reduced substantially. There's no doubt she broke the law but up to five years in prison ??
Does anyone believe such a harsh penalty is required here?

Anyway here's arrest mugshot. (photo details below)


NOT ORIGINAL COPY Altered by myself and ME only.
Photo altered and info changed or redacted including models name, exact processing dates, court dates, arresting party and jurisdiction.

On the lighter side!!
Ps: Keisha if ya decide running is your only option. Canada is way more relaxed on the weed laws. You and my gurl can hit the bong all day and there's room for four in our double king size bed. The wife brings a new girl (willing employee) or two home a week from her studio where there's work for you if you choose. Lmk and i'll make sure there's enough closet space available. Hahahaha
My gurl joked and laughed about the invite and was all for sharing me..... until I offered up some of her closet space. Hahaha. Then she punched me in the guts so I'll look into "As Seen On TV" closet organizer for us. Hahahaha

All silly shit aside GOOD LUCK Keisha

Update: Keisha Grey's lawyer knew what he was doing after all. She came away basically unscathed. She didn't even have to appear in court. She got off with just a possession charge. It was my opinion that's all she should have been charged with in the first place. Anyway, I'm sure she's just happy it's over and she can move on. I say good for her...
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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby Frigo on Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:55 am

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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby paroxysmia on Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:33 pm


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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby StarGrek on Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:05 pm

I would normally post pictures and news about this incredible beauty but this time I decided to write an answer to all these people who exercise tremendous pressure to HER and every other model in social media about performing extreme anal acts like Double Anal Penetrations.

Here are the reasons why some adult models might stubbornly refuse to do these activities. My purpose is not to criticize any girl who portray these acts. I just think that for some adult performers who have built a certain image, the DAP option is a very bad idea, especially in the early stage of their career and it can trigger a series of events which can be proved catastrophic for them. I do not want to manipulate or misguide a performer I just want some adult girls and viewers to THINK and UNDERSTAND the consequences of passing to extremity. Because many people try to convince the girls to do them, yet, very few, actually tell them what can go wrong if they finally do.

1. Some girls cannot physically commit it because of their genital anatomy. They have narrow assholes and they don't want to take unnecessary sanitary risks by stretching them.
2. DAP is not generally pleasureful. It is rarely exercised in real life, even in the most extreme amateur swinger communities.
3. DAP can be very painful. There are many other sexual activities which are not pleasureful but they are not painful either.
4. In order to overcome pain and other problems the adult companies are using certain pain killers or local anesthetics which in turn might cause sanitary problems to the starlet.
5. They do not have any mood or simply do not want to follow all these timely and tiring routines which are mandatory as preparation before committing these acts (enemas, anal diets etc).
6. DAP can be very harmful. Any sort of penile penetration can be potentially dangerous to them because they rely mostly on the skills of the penetrator and not on themselves. And when the penetration is anal this risk is risen multiple times. An abrupt move or a wrong angle can cause a blood vessel to break. So if one penis can cause this, imagine two, trying to fit forcefully inside her rectum.
7. Although the anal ring is quite elastic, extensive anal practice can cause it to be torn up. Many known pornstars have experienced problems with their anuses. They got too lose or their internal walls were ripped apart, causing a very unpleasant site. Some of these consequences are medically irreversible. In addition this can have other long term implications with personal hygiene which I will not mention here because they are too disgusting.
8. If the anus is injured and the starlets bleeds the risk to contract some kind of infectious disease is multiplied.
9. A consequence of getting anally harmed would be for the models to halt their career and cancel further bookings, losing money. In some recorded cases, the starlets had to exclude anal from their repertoire for a long period or permanently. And because their audience were used to the anal "shows" they weren't very pleased. Other models again, retired early.
10. Because of the aforementioned reasons it is not a part of the model fantasies or sexual repertoire. Plus, they consider that they look more sexy or authentic by doing sexual activities which they are not risky and can actually or have good chances to get pleasure from. This way they can be a lot more credible as artists and sex idols and less as ass clowns.
11. Their brands do not need extreme niche markets. They rely and they want to rely MAINLY on their beauty and sex appeal to get hired and not on extreme anal acts. This doesn't mean that these girls will not explore their sexuality. They will just not cross the thin line which will compromise their image.
12. In extreme anal sex scenes like DAPs the focus is on the extreme action and not on the charismas of the girl. So when a beautiful and sensual lady starts performing them is gradually losing a part of her charm and unique sexual personality. This is a fact that the most successful adult stars, the overwhelming majority who occupy the most popular ranks in the adult stock market(pornhub, freeones, social media) know.
13. It is a bit clownish, the concept of trying to fit as many dicks in your ass to see if you can handle. It a strictly pornographic action and It gives a very nasty feeling to the end viewer.
14. They do not believe that fitting two cocks in their asses will indicate good performance. On the contrary, too much time spent on trying to attempt them, might ruin the chemistry, the energy, the photography and the overall pornographic appeal of their scenes. And in porn scenes, time is precious.
15. They do not want to be stigmatized as extreme only performers and lose supporting interest from all the other genre viewers. By limiting their repertoire and promoting focus to extreme niches they are reducing the possibilities to be requested and get hired from a much wider range of adult companies which represent other kind of niches. In fact at least 65% of the scenes of a normal average all-sex performer does not include anal acts at all.
16. They do not want to corrode their "image" and destroy their dignity in the conscience of their adult audience. In other words, they do not want to look as performers who are so desperate for money or public attention that are willing to risk their health or their "brand" for a few more bucks or for a few more "likes".
17. They have already chosen their audience and are trying to escape from anal extremists. Unfortunately, it is a fact that many adult extremists are very rude and vulgar in social media and they don't have good opinion about adult performers. The more extreme a model becomes the more reasons she gives to be harassed by them during or even after her career.
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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby StarGrek on Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:38 pm

18. They have a career plan and they want to pass hardcore levels smoothly, staying in each genre long enough to create subtle pockets of fan base who will request their presences in many different niches. By shifting to extreme anal acts very soon it is possible to compromise their
19. They want to negotiate financially their "firsts", trying to get the best deals when they finally do them.
20. For the same reason they do not want to be pornographically depleted very early, meaning that they want to leave open promises for future "firsts" and the interest of all producers and fans warm around them.
21. They do not want to lose their femininity. The vagina is the only part of their body which characterizes their sex. When it is repeatedly neglected in this provocative way, having two cocks that both inserted in her anus, it gives the feeling that the performer is treated more like a homosexual man or trans than a real woman.
22. When the model goes too Extreme the chances to be treated disrespectfully or abused from male partners and directors are risen. Of course, I will not risk to generalize but it did happened many times before. These people it is possible to be carried away from the "dirty" slutty image, the adult model is trying to "sell" and lose control, leading to very unpleasant situations.
23. For the over mentioned reasons some dance club owners do not hire girls who have very extreme porn past. They do not want troubles with nasty audiences.
24. The porn audience is split in two big categories. The specific sex niche fanatics and the specific model addictives. The first group see an adult model as the person who can portray their favorite acts and the second one are platonically in love with her and they experience porn through her. (These groups are not clearly distinctive but I can give you a real life equivalent to understand: Consider people who love watching football in general as a spectacle but they are also fans of a specific football team who they want to win no matter the way). Anyway, that group of adult supporters are very important for an adult model for many MANY reasons (financial or not). So, the model needs to keep a balance between these two groups, trying to be a good sex performer at one side and creating the illusion of a "virtual girlfriend" at the other. In order to do that, she needs to be in touch and control her followers and compromise at the same time with as many as niche fanatics as her brand suggests. But as she becomes more and more extreme this balance is in peril. The image of the virtual girlfriend is slipping away, losing a lot of devoted addictives who might seriously reconsider spending money, time or attention to an ordinary sex worker.
25. They are trying to be as "normal" as they can sexually, drawing red lines at extremity and keeping their "PRESTIGE" intact even after their retirement. They want to be remembered as sensual ambassadors and sex idols and not as ass clowns. Prestige is a crucial factor that influences any model real life relations during or after her career.
26. But there will be some who would claim that I am exaggerating and a little bit of DAP action will not harm anyone. Well, I am not. And here is why. When a starlet starts doing DAPs too early in her career, the extreme anal fanatics, who are thirsty for more and more extreme action, are getting spoiled and not only demand, but expect from the starlet to do this act, or even harder ones, more often, snobbing at the same time anything less extreme, even regular DP scenes. Every extreme gonzo director will seize the moment and will immediately emerge in their support. He will in turn try to convince her to prolong and extend her extremity. Of course, they will not gonna hire her for something less than DAP. And because she has done it once, she will probably do DAP again. And again.
27. Now Regular DPs are extreme acts but can be considerable pleasurable for the starlet. The reason is anatomical and has to do with the simultaneous stimulation of the pleasure points of the girl. 4 in the vagina and 1 in the anus. Because each cock is using a different hole the visibility is better, the intensiveness is greater and because of the use of her vagina (which contributes to her pleasure) the girl can retain her femininity. DPs are extreme but there can become a compromise factor between an adult performer and the extremists. They are portrayed in many hardcore erotica companies (Marc Dorcel, Tushy, Wicked, Private etc..). Meaning that by doing them she can attract this audience and win more money. Many starlets add DPs in their repertoire and try to extinguish all their possibilities to be hired for doing them. Yet, when the starlet starts doing DAPs sooner in her career she loses this ability to bargain her regular DP appearances. E.g. Megan Rain, Keisha Grey, Valentina Nappi did a lot of DPs for many different companies and they can still bargain for more. Adriana Chechik, Holly Hendrix, Angel Smalls cannot. Not anymore. It is extremely improbable to be hired for regular DPs scenes anymore (unless it is IR).
28. Because of that, many adult companies which do not include DAPs in their menu (hardcore erotica or plot based gonzo) or they do not think it is worth to pay their cost, might hesitate to hire her even for regular DPs, because they will be afraid that will lose the extremists support. So, most likely, regular DP offers will be greatly reduced. When extremity is concerned the companies generally prefer to hire girls for their top extreme act not the lesser. Unfortunately, this is the law of EXTREMITY and it is ruling the adult industry for many years now. The only possibility to do a regular MMF DPs is in IR mode.
29. There will be the dilemma: DAP or nothing and most probably the girl will choose DAP. DAPs will in turn take longer active time in the scene. And the more extreme the adult performer will get, the more confident she will become that she can try even harder things. So with the proper amount of money and... extremists encouraging, TP(DAP + VG), TAP, anal fisting and every fucking extreme act someone can think of, will be a feasible option. And as she will get more extreme, she will get more trapped in its world. The chances to get injured will be multiplied, her prestige will be destroyed, her vagina will be rarely used, her unique sexual identity will be diminished only to her asshole, her scenes will be limited in certain genres, their quality will be reduced and the porn world will start to lose their interest on her, since she will have been completely pornographically spent by most directors.

All these reasons and possibilities I mention above might look an exaggeration but I can assure you that each one of them is important, is quite possible and has happened many many times before! I am sorry that I use this forum to post all these but for some girls it is quite IMPORTANT. Trust me it is!
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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby bellogallicum on Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:04 am

You really think anyone would read that, especially in a porn forum?
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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby StarGrek on Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:52 am

That is a good question... :-: Probably not many. People tend to read a lot smaller posts. But at least it is written. So it can be referenced! And that is actually the point and the power of the public forum in Internet. Everything someone has in his mind, a story, an idea, an argument, a train of thoughts, an experience or an expression of feeling can publish it on line for everyone to see or discuss about. It is like saving it in history. :wink:
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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby shindr on Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:48 pm

Being in harder stuff has never kept anyone out of features.

So many companies being part of the same holdings does cut off making the rounds a bit, but it also means like in Keisha's case, just about all of her dps etc. have been a showcase or part of a big series.
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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby worldofp on Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:08 am
290021_16big.jpg (236.31 KiB) Viewed 8116 times
290021_07big.jpg (221.39 KiB) Viewed 8116 times
290021_06big.jpg (217.13 KiB) Viewed 8116 times
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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby kazak on Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:05 am

Happy birthday to Keisha Gray.

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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby paroxysmia on Fri Oct 04, 2019 9:18 am

Her bf is not happy she took BBC in her holes! :lol:
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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby t-unit on Fri Oct 04, 2019 9:26 pm

paroxysmia wrote:Her bf is not happy she took BBC in her holes! :lol:

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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby rashidnz on Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:09 am


Keisha posted she is returning to porn
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Re: Keisha Grey

Postby ponpiv on Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:23 pm

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