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GGG "Damals und Heute"

Postby Harry Klein on Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:59 am

Servus GGG Fans und Freunde! :D

I just came across your site and have been reading all the old GGG threads with interest!

I cant quite believe that its now been a whole EIGHT YEARS since our dear "Uncle John" called it a day here in München and moved back to Berlin.. It got me thinking how his style has changed so much over the years and from what I've read here and other places the fans don't seem to like it very much! Is it true that the München movies were better? Please share your opinions!

Going back some years, who here can remember the "golden years" of the "Leopoldstr era" of GGG Film?! I remember when he first started out in the late nineties when the studio was based above Gino's eisecafe in Schwabing, with the big GGG letters in red above the canopy! Later around the years 2000-2002 they also shot some movies in the Crash discotheque over on Ainmillerstr.. Fun times! :)
Any GGG veterans here who care to share some tales of that time?!

Back to the future to coin that phrase..! How are things today in Berlin? Is "JT" still the madman running around screaming at everyone?!
I'm curious!! :::

Just where does the time go..?

Harry K.
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Re: GGG "Damals und Heute"

Postby sgr_sgr on Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:41 pm

Yes, it´s true. GGG-Movies back in the late 1990s and early 2000s were much better than today. But this is not only a topic of GGG-Porn, but also lot of other porn-labels. There are three main reasons for this developement:

1) The Internet and piracy destoyed the financial return of invest of porn-labels. Back in the days, GGG-Movies were mainly distributed in Sex-Shops or Video-Rental-Stores, which means a constant financial flow. The money were taken by the porn-labels to pay new girls properly. Today, new girls are much harder to find, especially very beautiful girls with "model-like-bodies". We see more and more average or even ugly girls in mainstream-porn, because performing in a porn-scene isn´t payed very well any more.

2) The internet destroyed the possibility for porn-acrtresses, to perform in a porn-movie and stay anonymous (incognito) at the same time. Back in the days, porn was a sub-culture, a niche. Even very beautiful girls dare to perform in a porn-movie, because threre was a very small risk, their parents or families find out. But today, we have all this social-media-thing going on. We have KI and face-recognition-apps online. So today, girls don´t tend to take the risk to perform in a porn-scene, because there is hardly no chance to stay annonymous at all.

3) Because Porn-Labels earn very little money today, they have to cut their costs, for instance by not paying a "lighing-specialist" or a "camera-man" or "Costume-Designers" in a historical setup, or in the carribean. In other words: Porn has to be cheap these days. You can see it in GGG-Movies as well. Just look at the very poor lighting of new scenes. They don´t even use a strong camera-spotlights and so on ... and GGG put one and the same scene over and over again in different porn-movies, because its cheaper, to put the same scene in different porn-movies. It´s a pity, but it´s rational to do so! Why should GGG put very much effort into a new movie, if hardly nobody is willing to pay a single euro for it?

These are the main reasons, why GGG-Quality is decreasing over the years. It´s not a problem of GGG only.

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Re: GGG "Damals und Heute"

Postby Harry Klein on Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:37 am

Servus sgr_sgr!

Thanks for your reply.

Some interesting comparisons for sure, I do wonder how he still makes money from this and others in the biz too like you mention. In fact I brought this very topic up not-so-long-ago earlier this year over some drinks in Schwabing with someone very close to "John" at GGG back then -(of course I cannot mention names here but maybe you know who I mean?! :wink: ), who immediately became very defensive and about "paying for your porn" and some of the wider issues that have led to the decline in the biz that you mention.

I remember around 2002-2003 with the move up to the real fancy place at the Skyline above the Karstadt at Münchner Freiheit, business must surely have been booming at that time for him to take out the lease there on such an expensive building and location. Maybe you also visited?! It was a very cool place, two studios where he would dreht films simultaneously and sometimes also in the empfang too. You could come to the set on Saturday, stay as long as you liked, come / go -(no pun intended!) and then in the evening after go upstairs to party and drink in the club -(now too also sadly gone..), -good times! 8) It was a great combination! It was always so funny for me to think that of the things that went on above a department store, the average customer was of course oblivious to!! :lol:

2010 came around and after their problems with the LKA and the EUR75,000 strafe he moves back to Berlin-Charlottenburg and now the production is much smaller, based in a small office in Knesebeckstr where if I'm not mistaken no more then two girls usually take part. They had the final dreht of the year there today; Fr 14/12.

I feel he really left a gap back then, as far as I know no one makes porno films here anymore, at least as far as I am aware of anyway?

So sgr_sgr, were you also a regular "visitor" to "Uncle John"s place on the Leopoldstr back in the good old days?! Have you been recently in Berlin??
I've not seen the "fine gentleman" in more than eight years and I'm curious!

I do wonder how long he will go on with this, he is an old man now at 73 years!

Erinnern Sie sich an "ACHTUNG! Nachfolger gesucht!!" etc?! :lol:
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Re: GGG "Damals und Heute"

Postby robuk on Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:03 am

Totally agree about GGG being so fantastic in the 90's and early 2000's,there was just a stream of newbie amateur looking girls with an emphasis on cum swallowing,these days it seems to feature more hardcore models..and not as good looking women,probably as has been said here the girls felt they had less chance of being porn is more mainstream and their pics can be everywhere,shame though as I loved GGG at one time.
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