Addition for Roxanne (aka Taylor, Milana D) and Intro Postin

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Addition for Roxanne (aka Taylor, Milana D) and Intro Postin

Postby beaky on Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:07 am

Hi Folks

Here's a new site for you - Yes, it's my site.

I've got about eight sets and two videos I and a friend shot of Roxanne back in 2006 at F1 Studios in Reading, England and I'm releasing them on my site over the next couple of weeks. The sets are complete, hi-res and zip file downloads are available.

The site is ENTIRELY FREE - no sign-ups, or anything. Of course, if people sign up to pay sites through the links and we get the commission, it'll help us pay for next year's renewal of the web hosting contract.

It's primary purpose is to demonstrate a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) content management system which some friends and I have been developing for the last four years or so called WACS. It can be used to operate a commercial web site or as a personal collection management tool. It runs on the Linux operating system used on the majority of web servers on the internet. The software is entirely free. If you're interested, you can download it from either or We're always keen to recruit new volunteers to the project, so if you have web design or software skills or are just good at finding bugs and fancy contributing, do get in touch.

We have an in-house server with about 3,400 models on there and approaching 33,000 sets as our test system. I'm hoping I can take some of the model identity data from that site and make it available here. For instance, about a month ago I indexed all the 400-odd models on by hand and managed to cross reference at least 70 of them (maybe more).

If you take a look at the model pages on, you'll see how WACS records both identities on sites and each and every set we know about on those same sites. Sabrina in particular has about eight identities - I don't know if she'd be featured here - she's British which is technically European.... :-)

I should be able to extract from our in-house database quite a bit more info on who does b/g, lez, anal, etc sets on the sites we've surveyed.

I'm about to go on vacation so my net access may be patchy, but I'll definitely be trying to get some useful data up here over the next week or two. I'm happy to try to answer any questions you guys have....

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