Talent Testing Service Opens in Budapest

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Talent Testing Service Opens in Budapest

Postby pornodan on Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:50 pm

Talent Testing Service is pleased to announce that they have opened for business in Budapest! This new lab will test for the following STI's
This is the same as TTS in the US and in addition to throat swabs for all performers and anal swabs for female talent.

The price of the testing is 34,000 HUF or roughly $105 Euro and results will be back on the same day if performers test before 11 am and the next day if they test after. A discount of 1,000 HUF is being offered for first-time visitors to the clinic and all performers will continue to receive the discount as long as testing is performed within a 30-day period of each visit.

The lab is located conveniently at 144 Vàci ùt, Budapest, 1138 off the Blue Metro Line 3 at the Forgách utca station.
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