Do the girls enjoy it?

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Re: Do the girls enjoy it?

Postby jamesthurston on Fri May 05, 2017 5:52 am

Several wishful thinkers are confusing the "persona" and acting of the model in her scenes with loving what she is doing. Porn is fantasy made for viewers. Of course the models will say they love it while they are still in the business. If porn is so fun, then why do most models quit in a matter of weeks or months? Even the most successful are usually done in a couple years. I've read and seen many former porn actresses interviewed and almost all of them say they did not enjoy it and never even had an orgasm while on camera. Porn by it's nature is humiliating and disordered. Why do they hide their real names and why do many keep it secret from their families? Would you want your daughter to be a porn actress? Of course not, because you know it would be a harmful and unhappy existence, with lifelong negative consequences. It is also degrading and dehumanizing at it's core by selling their bodies and cheapening their sexuality, with many harmful effects mentally, physically and spiritually. Porn has become more extreme, therefore more abusive and degrading. Venereal diseases are very common, the women are often sore and have damaged vaginas and anuses after a shoot. The people they have to work with are often not of high character, as they are usually manipulated and taken advantage of by much older men when they are enticed to get in the biz and new in the biz. Their relationships with family, friends and lovers are almost always damaged or ruined. This is what I have observed and learned about how enjoyable working in the porn industry is for these young women.
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