Do most pornstars know each other?

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Do most pornstars know each other?

Postby lizardblizzard on Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:01 am

This has me curious. So when pornstars do movies with male and female pornstars, obviously they know at least a little about the guy and girl etc. Thus those girls who do lesbian videos probably are pretty close with one another? Does anyone know if many of these pornstars are like very close friends? Or is it like just sort of co workers so to speak? Like many of these pornstars who might be on 5 same dvds might never met one another in person?

The other thing that im curious is this. For example in many porn videos, let say there are 5 different scenes etc. So say in these scenes theres different female pornstars. Like scene 1, 2 etc with different guy and girls etc. Such that scene 1 is pornstar so and so and scene 2 is another pornstar so and so. What im curious about is do these pornstars actually meet the other female pornstars in that dvd? Like say this dvd have 5 different scenes and say 8 different females in it. Say few of the scenes are just 1 female and guy or guys and other ones are 2 females etc. The thing i noticed is in a website, i noticed they actually had a date of production for these dvds. But not only that, they mentioned the dates of production for scene 1, 2 , 3 etc and i noticed they were actually quite far apart. So if thats the case, does that mean if say 2 pornstars might be on say 5 different dvds... is there a good chance that these 2 pornstars might never even interacted with one another even if they are in a few same dvds? Of course this meaning they are not in the same scene etc.

Now here is the other thing im very curious about. As many of you may notice, one of my favorite porn videos are gangbangs. But my favorite ones are the 50 guy creampie series and czechgangbang mainly because the guys are amateur guys. Well some of the guys are male porn actors but you could clearly see many male guys are regular guys etc. The thing that got me curious is this. Suzie Diamond to me is the best pornstar of all time. She done many gangbang videos and 1 on 1 and lesbian videos but as most pornstars, its with other male/female pornstars. Thus its very rare for female pornstars with regular guys. The thing that got me curious is pornstars tera joy and sharka blue did 50 guy creampie. Both of these women are good looking women so i was surprised these 2 women actually did gangbang video with 50 regular guys etc. But the thing that got me interested was i noticed suzie diamond, sharka blue and tera joy have been in dvds where they are on the same dvd. I know that suzie diamond and sharka blue was in a lesbian scene with another girl. Also there is a scene where sharka blue and tera joy are in a scene etc. I noticed that tera joy did 50 guy creampie back in 2006. Sharka blue did 50 guy creampie in 2007.

So because of this im wondering. Did porn directors first ask many pornstars if they wanted to do 50 guy creampie etc. And once tera joy did it, then maybe they asked sharka blue since tera joy and sharka blue have done videos together?

And the thing im wondering is could those directors have asked suzie diamond if she wanted to be in it? I ask this because im thinking well tera joy did 50 guy creampie and then sharka blue did it. So does that mean most likely suzie diamond was approached and asked if she wanted to do it? The reason why i ask this is suzie diamond to me is the best looking pornstar of all time. And the thought of her doing 50 guy creampie or czechgangbang would probably be the best scene ever. Im thinking someone like suzie diamond probably said no pretty easily right? The reason why i ask this is because im sure someone like her knows she is really good looking and she probably would be disgusted doing something like 50 guy creampie when almost all the guy are amateur guys?
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Re: Do most pornstars know each other?

Postby robot on Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:41 pm

prob forgot to take his pills :)
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Re: Do most pornstars know each other?

Postby paroxysmia on Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:49 am

Yeah, they are closed more or less. Just read their Twitter accounts to know it.
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