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PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:10 am
by teamcrm
petulinka wrote:" I hope this idea of creating a Black list will be a big help for all of the serious agencies, photographers, producers and last not least the models.

We all have experience with unreliable models, it has happened to all of us , that a model fails to show up at the shoot without any apology or explanation and then just disappears,
not answering any calls or messages.

The problem is that the communication between agencies doesn't really work and these models take advantage of it. If they mess up with one agent they still have a possibility to mess
up with other ones.
Everybody is losing time and money but these girls don't care and still are able to make some cash somewhere else before they do something bad again.

This needs to stop!

The business is already tough by itself, we don't need to work with the people who don't respect anything and anyone.
Please add the names of unreliable girls and help us to stop this happening.

Criteria to get on and get out of Black List:

If a girl has failed to show up for a shoot without explanation on 2 or more occasions and has not telephoned both photographer and agent to explain or apologize within 1 week of missed shoot their name will automatically be added to the list.
The black list will be updated monthly and models names will be only removed by consent of those photographers/agents who have been let down."

Thank you
Petra Horakova
Model Mania agency

Hi petra if I remember we sent 3 times mail for the agencies to have a meeting and talk about models and other problems but we dont get answer from any one as from u as well


PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:30 pm
by Pierre Woodman
Mike, come on, Petra is a very respectable person, this topic is about non-serious models and I think to drain the discussion that way is unfair.
I love Petra, she's a huge friend and more precise than a swiss clock !!!
I would like all agents will be like her ...



PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:59 am
by teamcrm
Am0rIn0 wrote:seems some girls are serial offenders!

Ferrera Gomez - got booked 2 times for work coming with her car, she never ever showed up. than booked for work in prague for 10 am, but i canceled her the day before. she than wrote sms at 4 am in the morning, that this is fine because she is still at a party and couldnt come anyway! ;-. seems she is more into escort than modelling!

Whitney - booked for work abroad, 5 weeks in advance, one week before that shooting she completely disapeared, not even the agent could reach her anymore for several weeks

Lucy White - she confirmed job for next day, i bought bus ticket 1 hour after her confirmation and sent it to her via email, she than started to pretend she didnt get ticket, than she pretended that she cant open the pdf file, than i send her the booking code and than she finally didnt response anymore. :::

we have the same problem with ferrera Gomez today she cancel work in last minute and this is not first time I think this is a problem when model do escort as well so we will not recoment this model for any producer


PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:23 am
due to her facebook she´s now also a real estate agent :wink: too many jobs :lol:
strange though, that she never missed any drunksexorgy event. never


PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:50 pm
by Am0rIn0


PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:09 pm
lol .. have you read her motto on facebook :lol: :lol:
gentlewoman in society :wink:

úrinő a társaságban --- úrinő has a different meaning in other languages :lol:

the real woman bitch in the bed,gentlewoman in society and popular in the world!-az igazii nő qva az ágyban,úrinő a társaságban,népszerű a világban!:)♥


PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:16 pm
by robot
Am0rIn0 wrote:also in name of sandysmodels i request hungarian azyza balls for blacklist:

well ask cameron to write here then.
second, i dont understand how you can give the $$ to a model BEFORE she signs the release. The release must be signed even before the ID shots, period.
last, if you booked the ticket yourself and paid, then you can also CANCEL it. That would serve her a good lesson, be stuck at airport and having to pay the trip back. I did that once, and interestingly enough, I can't remember who it was :D


PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:51 am
by Am0rIn0
STEMCELL wrote:lol .. have you read her motto on facebook :lol: :lol:
gentlewoman in society :wink:

úrinő a társaságban --- úrinő has a different meaning in other languages :lol:

the real woman bitch in the bed,gentlewoman in society and popular in the world!-az igazii nő qva az ágyban,úrinő a társaságban,népszerű a világban!:)♥

rather gentlewoman in bed and bitch in society! :lol:

@robot: almost 50 shootings with eurogirls and this was first time it happened. cancelation of flight ticket would have been a very good idea to put pressure on her. but in that moment i was that surprised and just happy that i got rid of her.

but trust me i had my lessons, in future only cash after signed release. 8)


PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:27 pm
by Ricardo Soli
Seems like everybody being correct in the biz.Not too many blacklisted people :)


PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:37 pm
by gapeman
Lili/Virginia Whore is very beautiful :oops: ...with perfect body :P


PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:44 pm
by dap-addict
True. :)
And as far as I can see she did not flake yet.
Thus why she`s here at all? :?


PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:09 pm
by Bruno
You guys are all very "brave" to set up a public thread to bash models for their behaviour. :evil: Especially since they can not defend themselves, in other words we only hear one side of the story. Even if it is true that some models let down their agency, we can not judge them here because in most cases, it has something to do with their private lives as well. Do they have psychological problems? We don't know. Do they have a dominant boyfriend or loverboy who doesn't let her go to a shooting for whatever reason? We don't know. Did somebody from her family suddenly die? We don't know. Do they maybe have a disagreement with their agent which leads to the agent coming here to talk bad about the model? We don't know. Did she had two bookings at the same time because of her popularity so that she had to cancel the other? We don't know.

First of all, the models are not a "product" or "company" that you can review online so that others can see if this "product" is reliable. They are human beings. Speaking for myself, I am shivering already when I think of the idea that all my former employers would team up on internet to speak publicly about all the things that got wrong with me or why I have left their company, because it will only be their side of the story, and as we all know on internet forums, people will mostly talk about the negative sides and not about the positive, so most probably it will result in a bunch of negative accusations amplifying each other into a cesspool like this. After all everybody has negative business experiences in their lives, nobody will come out flawless :!:

But there's another thing. These girls are known all over the internet, and fans from all over the world are Googling their names to find out more about them. So already WITHOUT this defamatory thread they are very vulnerable. The model agents however can talk freely about them here, because they are not well-known, nobody recognizes their faces when they walk in the streets, so that's different. In every company it happens that people get fired and money is wasted, that's the risk when you become an entrepreneur. Just fire the person and go on I would say, instead of slandering about them afterwards on internet as a revenge. Most of the models are 18-23 years old and have very few experience, they left school or university and this is their first job. Don't expect them to immediately master all the ethics of business. A 21 year old girl is still a girl, it's a myth that they are all 100% business women in one or two years. They will learn along the way. When I was 21 I also made mistakes like this. If there was a list on internet available for employers to check out what their future employee did when (s)he was 21, I'm sure many of them would take another person, even if it's 15 years later and the person has 15 years more of life experience.

I'm happy that we live in a world where people have the freedom to change their lives, move to other cities, abandon their old friends, and build up a new and better life without being reminded all the time of the mistakes they made when they were young. But for a porn star it's not so easy to find another regular job like for others, and with this thread it will make it almost IMPOSSIBLE for her. Because firstly, when she's known all over the internet for her porn work, she will not so easy find a regular job, and secondly, if she also gets a bad name in the porn industry ITSELF (regardless if this is her own fault or not) this will lead to a situation where she can possibly only find work in prostitution or worse. So if you have some sense of responsibility as grown up adults it will be better to get rid of this thread, because I seriously think it can destroy people's careers, and as a result of that, their lives.

Finally, I have nothing against speaking publicly about models on internet, because after all they made the choice themselves to be famous and the consequences are that people talk about them on internet and the videos that they starred in.
But the problem is, that the things discussed here are personal problems between an employer and an employée that should be discrete and stay behind closed doors. It's none of our business if a model calls sick for her work! :? And I'm sure that they don't want to talk about it publicly on a forum too, and that's exactly why she can not defend herself! Otherwise she would be forced to talk about her private life here, to us! :(

That's why I think that this topic can destruct the lives of young girls, which they don't deserve. Even more, I would say we should be thankful that they are still willing to do this work. We, the agents who can run a company thanks to them, or we, the viewers, who enjoy the movies they star in. After all the girls are the first and most important reason why this business exists at all :!:


PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:43 pm
by Am0rIn0
nice statement, but if you read this topic carefully you will find out that most of the time are same models who are unreliable. lets say 90% of all model are fine and reliable. goal of this thread ist to warn everybody from that minority who really harms business.

imagine your employer would buy you a flight ticket for 1000 EUR to do some biz abroad for a few days. than your guinea pig would die the day before, so you would feel bad at day of that flight and simply would stay in bed. not calling your employer, no excuse, nothing. what do you think your employer would do with you?

your employer can at least fire you what can hit you hard, but models are kind of selfemployed and can be far away from other country. now it is not even a flight to prepare a scene it is also to rent studio, build up set, hire crew and book male models etc., what costs lots of time and money, now a model simply doesnt show up without warning.

this thread is not about small mistakes models do, no it is about serious unprofessional behaviour of a minority who harms biz. it is business not charity, if somebody harms you due to his unprofessional behaviour it must have negative consequences. but if you let fool you than you will lose also respect and you will get fooled over and over again. especially women are masters in that "to test borders" game. period.

and dont worry, these girls will always find punters or desperated guys with good job who will supply them later for a good fuck. :)


PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:05 pm
by Bruno
My statement, as you can read, is not about the behaviour of the models. I agree with you that they should feel the consequences of what they do. The agency will probably fire them, and the production company will not work with her any more, all fine. I'm not defending them about that.

To make a list on internet for everybody to see, to distinguish the "good models" from the "bad models" is ridiculous. How would you find it, if you have a huge disagreement with your boss, you leave the company, and next day there is a huge page in the newspaper saying that you are unreliable, never show up, and all kinds of other accusations? In order to "warn" everybody in the country to never work with you any more??? :? This is behaviour from the Middle Ages, when we still had public executions and exiles from society. Even the most lazy people do not deserve to be publicly executed like this. We don't know what is happening behind the doors of Model Mania, because almost all the blacklisted models come from this agency. We hear just one side of the story, so we can not judge. But if I have an advice for future models, I would only say that it's better to work with agencies that RESPECT their privacy and not post personal related matters shameless on the internet, because that's what happens at Model Mania if you get in trouble for whatever reason. Or do you really think that other agencies like BrillBabes never have these problems? At least they have the decency to keep these things between the models and them, or at least only talk about it with the people in the industry instead of taking revenge on internet.

There is a link to the blacklist here:

Hey, only models from Czech? Never any problems with Russian or Hungarian models? :roll:
Again, this is a result of the fact that Model Mania is a Czech agency, and thus the blacklist consists of Czech models.

I think EBI should take a neutral standpoint here, because over the years they have become the Wikipedia about porn models. It's simply not correct to choose the side of one or two Czech model agents, EVEN if they are right about the problems. They need to give information about models, their portfolio, but not about their personal behaviour off-screen. That's up to the people behind the scenes to discuss. They can always call each other, because phone numbers and e-mail are available on the websites. By taking these issues on a public forum for the whhole world to read and not respecting the privacy of the models, they don't realize that also the good models will be resistant to work with them in the future. It's a two way street.

You last sentence about desperate guys doesn't make it any better also. Yes, it's true, many of these models work as escorts now, but is this the cause of the problems or the result of being publicly disgraced in the porn business? Many producers complain about girls going into escort, but at the same time they discuss their private or business troubles with models in public. So it's not strange that these girls prefer a more discrete life. And escorting can be done much more anonymously than porn. If they end up, like you say, being reliable from a desperate guy who only takes her for a good fuck, the agencies who support this list can be proud of themselves, that they broke another girl's life being dependent and unable to support herself, and this for their own commercial gains. Bravo! :evil:


PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:03 pm
by Am0rIn0
I also wouldnt mind if this topic would be hidden from publicity and only open for biz insiders, agents and producers. it is kind of personal stories, thats true.

every proven agency and producer can suggest girls for blacklist, not only model-mania.

to be blacklisted will not push girls into escort, because if you know the background of these girls who are already blacklisted, simply most of them already do escort. i have theory that this is one reason why they are unreliable in modeling. today they earn much more by doing escort than with modeling. piracy and decreasing turnovers in industry took its toll. if turnover decreases a company must save costs to survive on the long run. these costs are the models, they suffer most because they are on the very lower end of the value chain. only some well known stars can make living from it, for mainstream girls modeling is just not more than some fast cash for a few months. majority simply run out of jobs after a few months, thats why average newcomers these days rarely work longer than a half year in biz. the times of big pornstars who will stay in biz for more than 5 years because they can live from it are over.